Cyber Security : OS Practical way in Linux and C language

Cyber Security : OS Practical way in Linux and C language

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Cyber Security: In This Course With Mr. The Mmz You will learn Everything about OS security is here and in a Practical flavor

Created By:  The Mmz

Last Updated: 1/2019


What Will You Learn In This Cyber Security?

  • Understand the security aspects of an operating system.
  • Put what you learn into action by writing the practical program in C.

Requirements For This Cyber Security:

  • Eager to learn ONLY !!!

Description For This Cyber Security:

Operating system security is a critical thing here, almost every device using its own OS.

you will enjoy and learn a lot of things.

you will put what you learn into action by writing codes.

you will write codes in C and see real threat happens.

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there will be a lot of assignments so no worry at all.

step by step you will understand everything and in a practical way.

Who is the Target Audience For This Cyber Security?
  • Anyone who interested in the Cyber Security field.

Size: 1.1GB

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About The Instructor( The Mmz)

Professional when it comes to computers

I am a network and security engineer I have passion in IT fields 


I have worked on many projects including:

*Building OS’s from the scratch

*Building Servers Clients with a lot of functionality

*Building websites with Databases 



1-Programming : Python , C/C++ , BashScript, PHP , JAVASCRIPT

2-OS: Unix, windows

3-Databases: MYSQL

4-Unique Networking skills

5-Problem solving skills with [ 133+  IQ ]


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