Photoshop Tutorial Basics for Beginners

Photoshop Tutorial Basics for Beginners

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Where can I get Photoshop Tutorials?

The internet is a huge ocean of resources to learn almost anything online. However, many a times it’s a real challenge for beginners to know where to start. Unlimited resources cause everything to be scattered. With this article, you’ll find links to plenty of Photoshop Tutorial resources so that you can learn the basics and fundamentals of Photoshop, such as:

  1. Installing and using Photoshop brushes and actions
  2. Some cool keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop
  3. An introduction to Photoshop layers
  4. Installing and using Photoshop styles
  5. Various introductory guides to Photoshop tools

Introduction to Photoshop Tools and UI:

The resources in this section will serve as an introduction for those who are new to Photoshop. A lot of people have no idea how to use the basics of this powerful photo editing software from Adobe. But even as beginner, there are a host of tutorials available for free and you can learn them at your own pace. This is why we bring you Photoshop Tutorial basics for beginners.

The Pen Tool:

Photoshop’s pen tool is one that can give amazing output. But one has to understand how it works to master this tool. So here’s a little tip on how to use the pen tool.

Photoshop pen tool

Pen tool is usually used for geometrical figures or any other desired shape in an instant. Use this tool on your various design projects, logos, banners etc. It’s an important and convenient tool once you get to know how to use it.

Brushes and Other Presets:

Brushes, patterns, shapes, and the other presets are an essential part of Photoshop. Whether you are using the presets that come with the software, downloading those created by other designers, or creating your own, learning the potential of these presets and how to work with them should be a priority.

Brush tools come with a variety of drawing shapes and other presets offer you full freedom to customize the picture in your own desired way.

Type Tool:

The type tool is a little more straightforward than some of the others for beginners, but it still helps to have a firm grasp of how the tool works and what you can do with text in Photoshop.


You must be using filters on your Instagram posts and other photo editing softwares and apps. Photoshop has a number of different pre-filters that you can use, and each has its own purpose and use.

Filters customize each and every aspect of the picture as a whole and produce a wonderful unique contrast. You knew this already.

Camera shake reduction filter stabilizes all the colors of the photo and this feature is accompanied with some other simple customizations as well.

So there are a ton of tutorials and practices you will need to get use to with Photoshop. It will take a long time to master it, but with enthusiasm, one can keep learning at one’s own pace and improve his skills every day.

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